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Here's my attempt to answer FAQ questions about me and how I work, and how I can help you.

Or you might want to go straight to this page for information about commissioning new illustrations from me, and this page if you'd like to buy the use of any illustration you've seen on this site.

I have written a children's book: would you illustrate it?

If you're not a publisher, the short answer is sorry, but no. Two reasons: publishers can afford to pay me for the weeks or months of work, and I also get the satisfaction to know the books are likely to reach lots of eager children. Now maybe you have a fantastic business plan that would cater for those two things? If so, more here.

If I send you my story, will tell me if it's publishable?

No. I'd probably just lead you astray. There are people who have the confidence and skills to do this, and I've listed some on my 'FAQs for writers and illustrators' page.

It's my great-aunt's birthday / I'm getting married: would you draw a cartoon for the occasion?

I've had pleasure doing pictures for wedding invitations, but when it comes to birthdays or retirement cards, many people are looking for something a lot cheaper than what I do. It may look like I can doodle something fantastic for you in just a minute, but no, there's always quite a few hours' work (the exception is when I sign books - I like to draw something for every child to make it special). Some people are fast, so don't give up your search.

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Can you draw a caricature of my wife in the kitchen?

Probably not. I'm not a caricaturist. The best I've ever done is of Jeremy Clarkson, and then I had to add a moustache because the publisher wasn't sure about the legalities. I might put it up here soon.

Can you do a portrait of my paramour in the bedroom?

Nope. I'm pants at portraits.

Can you draw in the style of someone else?

Sorry, no to that one too. Better you ask them direct. Or check out the pictures on my site to see if you like what I do.

Do you say no to EVERYTHING?


How much do you charge?

Check out this page for information about commissioning new illustrations from me, and this page if you'd like to buy the use of any illustration you've seen on this site.

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Can I copy one of your pictures for my blog / website / leaflet?

Only by written agreement with me. More information here on how to order. Note that there are a few illustrations on this website that are NOT available, because the customer has exclusive use for them at the moment.

By default, artists own the copyright to their own images. When you see images in print, or on a website, it should meant that the artist has signed over rights to the user, usually for a specific use, and usually for a fee. Some people make their images available to everyone for any use, and for free: an example is the clipart provided on Microsoft Word. Those images are "in the public domain".

If you infringe an artist's copyright by using their image without their permission, you're breaking the law, with the usual possible consequences. Even if you modify the image, or use just bits of it, you're breaking the law.

Some people think they do no harm copying pictures, since the work's already done. But artists don't get salaries, and money from selling rights is part of the income they need to continue doing what they do.

When I order a picture, will it have that horrible watermark I see on my screen?

No, it will be top quality and will NOT have that copyright watermark that you see on my website.

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