About 'Hamish, The Bear Who Found His Child' and
'Hamish and the Missing Teddy', written and illustrated by UK children's book illustrator Moira Munro.

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The 'Hamish' bear books

Written and illustrated by Moira Munro

Book cover of Hamish, the bear who found his child, a picture book for children, by Moira Munro, children's book writer and illustrator

Hamish and the Missing Teddy, a picture book for children, by Moira Munro, children's book writer and illustrator


Hamish Bear lived in a teddy bear shop. It looked like a normal shop, with all the teddies arranged in rows on the shelves. But really it was a magical shop. When it closed at night, Hamish and his friends went through a secret door into their very own house - the House of Teddies.

Although all the bears knew there was one special child for each teddy, Hamish didn't want a special child.He liked to do his own thing, and he especially liked to ride his scooter. But one day ...





Hamish was off to the Great Teddy Bear Picnic with his small friend Finn. He waved goodbye to his special little girl. "It's her birthday today," he told Finn. "I want to take a terrific present back to her."

But all Finn wants to do is play with Hamish. Finn bounces and flips and leaps ... until disaster strikes! Hamsih is left without a present. When Finn goes missing, Hamish frantically searches for him, unaware that at that very moment Finn is plotting the perfect solution...

Children's book illustrator Moira Munro' picture from picture book Hamish
A sweet little girl enters the teddy bear shop


A few pictures from the books.
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Teddy bear picnic in Hamish and the Missing Teddy
Hamish is off to the teddy bear picnic One of the abandoned roughs


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Children's comments

'You have rote great for small peopl.
A very good story evryone likes it well I no I do. Moira it is perfect could not be better. I love you story it is the best I have heard. She must be very happy the girl that got Hamish. Hamish must be very Happy as well' (Mark)

'I like Panda and Teddy and Stripey and cool dude he was the best and Hamish' (Laurence)


'Hamish was great very mischievos and great for littel peopel' (Calum)

'My fave bit in the book was when Hamish got his home in the end and done evry thing with her. I don't think that Hamish would like to go with anyone else in the world.'

'I liked that Hamish had attitude and liked to do things his own way (just like me).' (Jordyn)


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