Free bookmark, bookplate and activity sheet to download from Hamish, The Bear Who Found His Child, by UK illustrator Moira Munro.

Free goodies

Activity sheet, bookmark and bookplate based on the 'Hamish' series

Here are some pictures for you to print out. Click on the pictures to see a larger version, but in order to get a decent quality printout, right-click where indicated to download a higher resolution image file.  
Activity sheet

A maze, an invitation to scribble all over the sheet, and some questions for the wee ones. Right-click here to download the file. (It's 660Kb so could take a few minutes)


Print it, write your name on, and stick it on a book to show you're the proud owner. This is one of the bookplates that are made avalailable to all through the My Home Library scheme. Right-click here to download the file. (It's 180 kB so could take a couple of minutes)


Free bookplate for children to download. Hamish, the Bear Who Found His Child, by Moira Munro

Print it and use it to mark your place in your book. Right-click here to download the file for one side.(It's 1Mb so could take a few minutes without broadband)

Need more help on how to get these pictures? Click here.

Note: you may print these three pictures for all except commercial purposes. Please contact me for permission to use anything else.


Puzzles, mugs, magnets and mousemats

If the free goodies are not what you're looking for, I hope you'll find something you like among the "Hamish" products on my online shop






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