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Hamish: Highly recommended as an "inclusive book"

Recommended on Bookstart's "Finding inclusive books" booklet and BookTrusts' "Bookmark books and disability issues":

"A picture book about a teddy bear finding the perfect owner. Wheelchair-using teddies (quite rightly) blend effortlessly into the landscape,as the toys have fun while the humans aren't looking in this book. Also recommended is the subsequent Hamish and the Missing Teddy. "

In particular, Cheshire County Council libraries have adopted "Hamish, the bear who found his child" as highly recommended in the libraries' Finding Inclusive Books list.

Hamish: "In the picture" Champion

Scope has created a tremedously useful website, full of resources for illustrators and writers, about including disabled children alongside others in pictures and storylines. I milked them for advice, and in return they embarassed me by giving me an award, (click on this link and you'll also see some kent faces).

Hamish: The Herald

"Hamish, the bear who found his child" was the first of several books reviewed, and was Glasgow Herald Children's Book of the Month

At first glance the lives of most of the children and creatures that appear here are fairly humdrum. However, the genius of clever, thoughtful picture books like these is their ability to expose in a brief sequence of text and images, the powerful currents of emotion that run beneath the surface.

As we close the covers, we can still feel the deep desperation of Hamish the teddy ... to find love and companionship. Sure, they're visual feasts, packed wtih fun and frolic but they're so much more.

As Francis Spufford argues in The Child That Books Built, stories can bring a child into a new relation to ideas because of the way they're crafted. Through books, he says, children experience differently flavoured lives to their own and it changes the way they think.

Hamish by Moira Munro

Did you choose your teddy or did he choose you? Hamish is an action bear, too busy whizzing about on his scooter to listen to Big Bear telling him about how a bear can find his own special child to love. Then a little girl comes to the House of Teddies and Hamish falls for her in both senses. Hamish is the perfect cipher for a chubby, independent, contrary toddler. Tiny changes to the eyes and nose shift his mood from jaunty to grumpy to lovelorn. Tension builds with the bear's desperation to be chosen and the resolution is deeply satisfying. Cleverly, we never see the girl's face in this impressive debut from a Glasgow-based former health and safety specialist.

Anne Johnstone, in The Herald, 'Scotland's best-selling quality national newspaper', 3 May 2003.

Hamish: Nursery Education

"Hamish, the bear who found his child" was selected by 'Nursery Education' November 2003

Hamish: Amazon reviews

"This is the type of book both adult and child can enjoy. It has a great story line with lots of discussion points. The illustrations are superbly done and offer lots of interesting detail. This book has already become one of our favourites! Looking forward to further adventures from Hamish." (About Hamish, the bear who found his child)

"Our family love Hamish the bear to bits! He's a cheeky and feisty character and we love to read the book again and again at bedtime. (Love the fact he's Scottish too!)" (by Robert Fenton, about Hamish, the bear who found his child)

"This is a fantastic children's book and one of my son's favourites (even more special for him as his name is also Hamish!). Hamish bear is a little bit wayward and mischievous and thinks that he doesn't need a special child like all the other bears, but when a sweet little girl comes into the toy shop looking for a teddy, Hamish decides that she must be his special child. Young children will love Hamish Bear and will listen to this story over and over again." (by Sandra Gordon, about Hamish, the bear who found his child)

"This is the follow-up to Hamish: The Bear Who Found His Child, and it is another lovely story about Hamish Bear and his friends as they go on a teddy bears picnic. Hamish is a bear with a great personality and children will love hearing about his antics. Hope there are going to be more Hamish books in this series." (by Sandra Gordon, about Hamish, the bear who found his child)

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Puppy Love

"Funny and charming, this is a story for every young girl (or boy) who ever wanted a puppy of their own. With the added bonus of Moira Munro's witty illustrations, a dog who adds his own commentary and a hilarious chapter about false beards, what's not to like?" (by S Voake, on Amazon)

Pup Idol

"I love this book because Summer and Honey are both very funny. I think Honey was very cute especially the little bits with her picture where she talks. I also liked it because I thought the characters were brilliant. I am reading it for the second time and it's just as good as the first time! Pup Idol and Puppy Love were two of my favourite books this year." (Lily, age 8, on Amazon)


Puppy Power

"Puppy Power is adorable. I read it five times and I liked it even more than Puppy Love and Pup Idol. My brother enjoyed it too even though he normally only likes boy books. It will teach you how to persuade your Mum to get a dog even though my Mum has not yet!" (A young reader, on Amazon)

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Kitten Kaboodle

"Kitten kaboodle was a great book, and I really enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down and was constantly being told off for reading it all the time and not doing what I should be!! It may seem like a bit of a girlie book but I'm 12, a bit of a tomboy and I still loved it. It was clever with some good twists in it to catch you out and I was laughing throughout most of the book! The characters were great and I especially liked Jazz, Bertie's mad, best friend! ALL CAT LOVERS WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!!!" (A young reader)

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Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to write a review.

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