Instructions for saving or printing your pictures

You can save and print a good quality picture by following these instructions. (If you try printing any picture that you seen on your screen, you'll only get a low quality picture).

On a PC

Right-click the text link, where it says 'here'. A menu appears. Select Save Target As. Chose a folder to save the picture file to, then go there, open the file and print it.


On a Macintosh

(I don't have one but I believe this will work)

Press the Control key and click on to the text link where it says 'here'(or click and hold). If a window comes up with a huge picture or the 'cross' symbol for a missing picture, hit your browser's 'Back' button and start again, making sure you hold that mouse button down.


(To close this window, click on x in top right corner)

Contact me if you have any problems.