Cartoon strips by Moira Munro, available for syndication to newspapers or magazines in UK and worldwide.

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Samples of weekly cartoon strips, and how to buy them



"The Staffroom" and "Earthlings" are weekly cartoon strips published in the media and available for syndication to newspapers or magazines.

Please get in touch for more examples of the strips.

"The Staffroom" was first published in national newspaper "The Herald". The context of these cartoons is teachers, but the topics are of general interest.
"Earthlings" was first published in Woman's Weekly magazine and casts a wry look on life in general.

Some taster cartoon strips

Click on small pictures below to see the complete comic strip (if you're on dial-up, please be patient)

"See how weak I am!"

"You wanted to say something about the G8 summit?"

"... you took your own life after 20 years as an administrator..."

"I need figures to monitor..."

"Did you mingle well with all those intellectuals?"

"Should I get my teeth whitened?"

teacher cartoon discipline

"I'm going to make good use of this holiday"

"So you're what - Sickh? Hindu?"

school newspaper cartoon

"I'm hopeless at looking after my kids during holidays!"


Buy prints

For a great quality print of any of these cartoons, signed by my own fair hand (and with a dedication if you wish), contact me. For the UK, the price is £15 including postage and VAT. For other countries, get in touch and I'll check out the postage.

Use in newspapers and magazines

If you are interested in using a particular cartoon strip or a series, please get in touch. I can make small changes in the text to adapt to your needs. All long strips are available in one long length, and "The Staffroom" is also available as a double-decker.
If you're thinking of commissioning new work, the editor who commissioned "The Staffroom" weekly cartoons is happy to provide a reference.

Use for your talks or handbooks

Organisations wishing to use some of these cartoons for in-house publications or Powerpoint presentations: click for a price guide.


"I was delighted by your recent Staffroom cartoon featuring poor Rajiv: it gets across one of our most important messages – i.e., you get back from children what you give them. Be hostile, and they’ll be hostile back: be positive, and they’ll respond in kind! Keep up the good work!" (Raymond Soltysek, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde)

"You must be a teacher (ex?) to have so much insight" (Liz L, teacher)




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