Scottish freelance cartoonist Moira Munro's samples of adults and teenagers for newspapers or books. Although I am based in Glasgow, UK, Scotland, I can work for you wherever you are.

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Teens and adults

Examples of pictures of teens and adults

Cartoon strips published in newspapers and magazines

Cartoon "Earthlings" available for syndication


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"The Staffroom"

Lager drinker and slang cartoon "Pardon my English"

"Pardon my English" book cover (Chambers Harrap)

Mrs Knickertwist

Woman hips Woman cartoony
Woman stripey
Sinister hag
Weird woman Horrid woman
Cornet player cartoon
Trombone player cartoon
Tuba player cartoon
Examiner listening to music. Published by Royal Asssociated Board of Music
Boy playing violin, examiner, illustration. Published by Royal Asssociated Board of Music
Pregnant, expectant mother. Cartoon for greeting card

Editorial  newspaper cartoon Scotland The Herald

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival illustration
Cornet layer Trombone player Tuba player
Listening to music
Boy playing violin at exam
"Christmas hormones"
Fashion model. (Edinburgh fashion festival)
      A selection of cartoons for educational publisher Hodder Gibson (Hachette):
Teenage girl sitting with mug. Illustration Moira Muro
Teenage girl writing at desk. Illustration Moira Muro
Teenage boy, thinking. Illustration Moira Munro
Cartoon of teenager for educational publisher, UK
Teenager, for school textbook
Teenage girl, for school textbook
Teenage girl, for textbook
Teenager, for Hodder educational publisher
Teenage girl with mug
Teenage girl with desk lamp
Teenage boy thinking
Teenage boy at desk
Teenager 5
Teenager 6
Teenager 7
Teenager 8
Genesis. God created the world in seven days. Illustration by Moira Munro
Origin of the universe, quirky cartoon by Moira Munro
Marx. Cartoon of exploited worker. By UK cartoonist Moira Munro
Dog biting girl's arm
Tennager 9
Teenager 10
Teenager 11
Origin of the Universe
Wake to be exploited
Real or imagined pain
Kilted scotsman illustration
Generals baking for peace
An eye for an eye illustration
Golden rule. Do unto others...
Greed, delusion, hatred
Moral decisions cartoon
Test tube baby cartoon
Kilted scotsman
Generals baking for peace
An eye for an eye
Golden rule
Greed, delusion, hatred
Moral decisions
Test tube baby
Scientist tests blond woman for brains. Glasgow cartoonist Moira Munro
God with Freud in an identity crisis
God at playstation against devil
Cartoon of liberal versus fundamentalist Christians, for educational publisher
Hyppies meditating - religious experience. By Scottish cartoonist Moira Munro
Do blonds have brains?
Teenager 14
Teenager 15
God with Freud
God at playstation
Liberal and fundam Christians
Hyppies meditating
          A selection of illustrations for 'Lines in the Sand. New writing on War and Peace'. Published by Frances Lincoln.
Multicultural illustrations
Young black man
Multicultural illustrations
Young black woman  
Cartoons and illustrations by Scottish illustrator and cartoonist Moira Munro in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Cartoon of bird
War and peace cartoon of bird with guns
Sketch man
Young men
Young women
More young women
Bits and pieces
  A selection from 'The Student's Guide to Exam Success'
Cartoon of cool lad, by Moira Munro Illustrations and Cartoons, Glasgow, Scotland, UK   Cartoon for book cover, UK publisher Open University Press
Rest your eyes. Palming.
Cartoon by UK cartoonist Moira Munro for student's guide to exam success Cartoon on succeeding in exam. UK cartoonist Moira Munro

Several boys
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Several girls
(click for all of them)
Cool lad
"Guide to exam
success " (cover)
Rest your eyes
Attitude matters
in job interview
Think before
you write
Cartoon of stroppy teenager A slob from Scotland - a cartoonist's dream          
Stroppy teenager
Girl crossed arms
Elegant cartoon of man and dog on park bench Cartoon of Moira Munro posing as cartoonist Stress of decision making cartoon Office worker juggling tasks illustration for website        
Park bench
at desk
Stress of decision making
Office worker juggling tasks
Couple dancing. Illustrator Moira Munro, based in Scotland
Dancers, Illustrator Moira Munro, based in Scotland
Pirates cartoon Accountant cartoon Magician cartoon Scientist cartoon
Dr Hemline, for Scottish Woman magazine
Couple dancing
Couple with wellies
IT magician
Purple lady
Dr Hemline von Shoulderpad
From "Pup Idol" : "Geoffrey" From "Puppy Love" by Anna Wilson, Macmillan. Puppy children's illustration From "Puppy Love" by Anna Wilson, Macmillan. Vet's waiting rooml illustration From "Puppy Love" by Anna Wilson, Macmillan. Dog illustration From "Pup Idol" From "Pup Idol"  Detective and robber drawing From "Pup Idol"  Mum in bed with a headache drawing  
"Geoffrey" with moustache
Mum and puppy
Vet's waiting room
Love my dog
"Miss Woodshed"
Detective and robber
Mum in bed



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