Scottish Illustrator and Cartoonist Moira Munro's portfolio of illustrations and cartoons. Although I am based in Glasgow, UK, Scotland, I can work for you wherever you are.


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This isn't my entire portfolio, and there's lots more on other pages. The images here are intended to give you a quick overview of the type of thing I do.


A little girl in a red dress smiles demurely

Martha No!

Cover of children\'s book showing teddy bears at picnic

Hamish and the Missing Teddy - book cover

Cover of children\'s book \'It wasn\'t me!\' showing girl, dog, and mouse

Cover of "It wasnt me!"

Crow in winter scene Christmas card

Crow in winter scene

Valentine - Bunnies on golden heart

Valentine - Bunnies on golden heart

Elderly French horn player

Elderly French horn player

A boy and a girl holding up certificates / awards - illustration

Holding up certificates

Mother to be

Mother to be

Cartoon strip of teacher preparing for holidays / vacation

Cartoon strip "Clouds" from The Staffroom

Picture of a haughty, snooty princess sitting on a throne, wearing a crown

Princess Snooty

A batty old lady and her little dog - illustration

Mrs Knickertwist the batty old lady and her dog

Female student - girl writing at desk - cartoon

Female student writing at desk

Cover of children\'s book on The Impressionists

The Impressionists - book cover

Dog training: cartoon of man in obedience trial

Man with moustache, training a small leaping dog

Picture of a bird depicting hate, war and conflict

Bird of hate and war

Shaggy dog illustration showing hairy and not hairy dachshund

Shaggy and not shaggy dogs

Babies / toddlers kneeling and playing with a bug / insect

Babies playing with bug

Watercolor illustration of Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Prague

Illustration of banjo for folk music


Illustration of office folders

Office folders

Mouse with heart

Mouse with heart

Sketchbook of women with folded arms

Sketchbook of women with folded arms