Workshops and author visits for business, colleges, etc, from Scottish author and illustrator Moira Munro. For practical tips, creativity or personal development.

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Unfortunately I'm not available for visits in 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed the too short time I spent with you and the others in your seminar... Your engaging, enthusiastic and personal presentation held every second of my attention. " (George Finley)

I love doing author visits, inspiring others and being inspired in return.
I'm open to any of your suggestions for a visit, but here are some suggestions.
I can visit schools, businesses, community groups, libraries, bookshops etc.
Get some ideas here, then go to "Booking a visit" for practical information.

Bunnies in search of a publisher: for adults who want to get a children's book published

Duration: 2 to 3 hours


Do you wish you could write or illustrate your own children's story ... and get it published? Should authors seek an illustrator? Should you tell potential publishers how much your children love your story? This and other ways to ruin all your chances will be covered, as well as positive means of getting there. I will share with you all I've found out about the business of dealing with publishers. If you've dreamed of doing a children's book but haven't quite got round to writing it, this ought to get you fired up.

How good?

I feel qualified to talk about this because the process never ends. Though I guess when I'm a celebrity, publishers will seek ME out... But for now I'm learning all the time, so my information is up to date.

The business of being an illustrator

An informal lecture for illustration students - so talented, but do they have any business sense? Make sure they don't end up packing supermarket shelves...

Enjoying stories with your child

I sometimes talk to parents of young children about the why and how of reading with your child. In an hour I cover different types of reading and how to make it come alive, talk about what's on the page, and have a lovely, cosy time with your child. You could invite parents in with their children, and I could spend 20mn telling the kids a story while the parents watch, then spend the rest of the hour talking with the parents if the children can be looked after in another room.

How to make stories come alive

A college recently asked me to pass on my thoughts and experience to their pre-NC students, most of whom were going to study to become nursery nurses. We looked at approaches to doing art with small children (I got on my anti-colouring-in soap-box), the joy of engaging in creative activities, and looked at ways of presenting stories in an engaging manner.

Doing art with small children - nurturing creativity

I do feel passionately annoyed when nursery-age children are given templates and colouring-in sheets. I've collected wonderful examples of what enlightened people are doing, and when you compare it with those neat, sterile, and usually ugly printouts children are given, you'll weep. By sharing with you the creative process involved in writing or drawing, I hope to fire up my audience to nurture those same processes in children.

And the rest ....

Some progressive businesses bring in authors to give creative writing workshops at work. Some use artists. To me it sounds better than paintball and other types of corporate entertainment I've been spared. Here we're talking staff development, improving relationships, enhancing creative thinking, creating enthusiasm and broadening horizons. Possible topics are:

  • How do you generate ideas (mind-maps, free-writing, free-drawing)
  • I can't draw! (ah but look at your doodling!)
  • I have a book inside me!


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