Commissioning illustrations from British cartoonist and illustrator Moira Munro. Although I'm in the UK, I can work for you wherever you are.


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"Moira's work speaks for itself - her illustrations are delighful, as indeed is their creator. Wonderfully creative, friendly, efficient and a joy to do business with, I cannot commend Moira highly enough."

(Carys Mann, Director, CBBC television)

Here's some information on commissioning me.

Click here instead if what you're after is the use of a picture you've seen on this website ("stock illustration").

How to commission a new illustration

What's the procedure?
To commission an illustration / request an original assignment, contact me, ideally with a phone call, so that we can discuss what you need and I can give you a quote (see fees). Don't worry if you've not used an illustrator before and have not quite yet made up your mind - discussing it will help you decide. If you've only got a vague idea, I will help you with the message you're trying to put across, who your audience is and so on, and I will work out how best to illustrate that. If there is an illustration in my stock section which you'd like to use as a starting point, that's also fine. I normally send you the illustration by email.

How do I ensure the illustration turns out as I expected?

After we have agreed a brief and the terms of the licence, I will send you a rough drawing. You can then tell me any changes you would like, and I will then do the final illustration. That's the standard procedure, but if it looks like your job might require more 'roughs' stages, we will agree on that right at the start.

Here's an example of a illustrations used by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in a leaflet. Below that, you can see the roughs I first supplied. After approval of these roughs and some discussions on colours, I re-drew, painted, scanned and emailed them to the designer, who laid them out onto a coloured background and added the text.


I can imagine that commissioning an illustration feels a bit risky - will you like what you get? Well, first of all, do you like my style? Look at some of my pictures here and tell me what you like, and what you don't like.That gives you quite a lot of security. I help you work out what you need right from the start and put a lot of care in discussing the rough with you. The rough is your chance to check how I'm interpreting the brief - and at that stage I'll ask you about your preferences about some of the details. The only surprise you'll get at the end is a pleasant one - your illustration looks even better than what you had pictured in your own mind. I want you to be absolutely delighted with it.

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I will quote you a fee based on the intended use of the illustration. Stock illustrations are cheaper than illustrations specially commissioned by you. Price depends on how widely this illustration will be distributed (number of copies), how long you want the right to use it (a single use? one year?), and what kind of publication want it for. So these are the kind of details I'll ask you for, or that you should tell me if you email me for a quote.

So for example a stock illustration for a small company's internal newsletter is much cheaper than one for a big billboard advert displayed all over the country!

Feel free to phone - it' s often easier to discuss exactly what you're looking for.

I normally ask non-UK customers to pay with a credit card using Paypal. I can set this up for you. It's easy, secure and there's no charge at your end. It's the cheapest option for both of us because conversion charges at my end are small.

If you need illustrations for a book you're self-publishing

You may have a plan to self-publish your own book, and you're wondering about getting it illustrated. As I get quite a few queries on this subject, here are a few pointers.

For a typical children's picture book (12 double-page spreads, pictures all over the place, pictures covering the whole page), illustrations require several months of work. You would normally pay the illustrator a royalty (use the ballpark figure of 10% of recommended retail price for calculations, though it varies). The bad news for you is even before you've sold any books, you need to pay an 'advance' on those royalties. This advance provides the illustrator with income during the several months it takes to do the illustrations, so you should count several thousand pounds or dollars (I know that's vague, but it does vary).

If you still haven't given up on the idea and would like me to illustrate your book, I'd be terribly flattered but ... I'd need to know you have a good business plan. How are you going to market, distribute and promote your book? Even if you're kind enough to offer me obscene amounts of money, I might want to know it's all going to work.

If this doesn't turn you off, you can get started on your business plan with the help of some of the links on my Super Tips page.

For other books requiring just a few illustrations dotted here and there, contact me so we can discuss details and a quote.

More information?

There are more details on the Terms and Conditions page, and I also attempt to answer FAQs here.

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