Buy ergonomics, health and safety posters, including manual handling, computer safety, hospital safety. Also Hamish bear products.

Order> Buy prints and products

Buy prints and products

Online shop for products using pictures from this website


Online shop for prints


for posters, quality framed prints, and greeting cards shipped from Imagekind in the USA

Online shop for merchandise


for cards, mugs, mousemats, magnets, coasters, and also quality prints shipped from DeviantArt in the USA

Online shop for prints and merchandise


for posters, mousemats, coasters, printed by Photobox within the UK

For folded Christmas cards order through me here.


Which shop is best?

For the USA, if prints or greeting cards are what you're after, I'd recommend you start with the Imagekind shop as it's probably cheaper and the website is the easiest to use. But the DeviantArt shop is great for those too, and does other merchandise as well. Both shops ship overseas and use top quality printing. For UK customers, Photobox is your first choice for good quality, but if it's a long-lasting art print you want, I suspect one of the USA shops is better.

Note that I can print a moderate quantities of A3 posters in-house and send them to you: price list here.

A few examples of what you'll find in the shops:

Note that buying a product does not give you the right to copy the picture.


For a pack of Christmas cards

Have a look here for information about ordering a pack of cards through me. USA customers will also find cards at Imagekind and DeviantArt.

If you can't find what you need

If you don't find what you need on the online store, and you want to make up your own documents, Powerpoint presentations etc for in-house use, you might prefer to order stock (off-the-shelf) pictures. For anything else, I've put up guidance on ordering - or just contact me. If there's a picture you'd dearly love on a product and can't find it in the shop, let me know and I'll add it.



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