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Copyright and agreements

Explaining the small print when you place an order

You don't really need to read this before getting in touch with me, but if you do you'll have a better understanding of what's involved in ordering an illustration. Whatever you do, I'll make sure you understand and are happy with any contract I offer you.

When you order an illustration, I discuss with you exactly what would suit you, and send you a contract with a licence to use the illustration as agreed. The contract has some small print in legal-eze, as it's based on the standard terms and conditions provided by the Association of Illustrators, which I belong to (which means I'm also bound by the Association's code of ethics and professional conduct). The main points are explained here.

Ownership of copyright:

I remain the owner of the copyright for my illustrations and cartoons, but when you 'buy' an illustration I give you a 'licence' to use it for an agreed purpose for an agreed period of time. You might want an 'exclusive' licence so that nobody else can use the illustration. If so, I might still use the illustration for my own self-promotion and I can sell the original.

Ownership of original artwork

My original artwork remains mine, so if for some reason I have had to send it to you instead of a scanned file, you must return it to me.

Cancellation fees for commissions

If you commission an illustration from me and then change your mind and cancel, cancellation fees apply (if your reason for cancellation is that the illustration is not what you expected, the 'rejection' section applies instead).
(i) 25% of the agreed fee if you cancel before I send you the roughs
(ii) 33% if you cancel once you have seen the roughs
(iii) 100% if you cancel when I send you the completed illustration
(iv) pro rata for anything in between

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Rejection fees for commissions

If you commission an illustration from me, you might be worried that it might turn out not to be what you expected. If so, be assured that I will do my utmost to find out what you are looking for, and you will also get to comment on a rough.

However, I am told (it has never happened to me!) that there are unfortunate cases where a customer doesn't want to pay anything because they feel the artwork is not in accordance with the brief, while the illustrator begs to differ and wants full payment. To avoid a lot of argument about who is right, the agreement is to split it down the middle:
(i) 50% of the agreed fee if you reject upon delivery of the completed illustration
(ii) 25% if you reject upon delivery of roughs

Changes to commissions

If you commission me and then change your mind about what you want, after everything was agreed, that's OK, but if it meant extra time for me to make changes there would be a charge.


If you'd like to see all the formal terms and conditions ahead of time,
just let me know and I'll send them to you.

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